Hello, I'm Bobby Gagnon.
I am a Front-End Developer.


Who Am I?

I’m Bobby and I’m a Front End Developer. I have a true passion for making beautiful User Interfaces and improving the User Experience. I have been working as a Freelance Developer since December of 2017 and am now seeking full time work. Building my technical skill set is a top priority and I consistently put time aside each week to increase my knowledge while improving my work flow. Some of the technologies I work with are HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. I intend to learn React.js next as it seems it is the most prominent and fastest growing JavaScript framework.
Aside from my technical skills, there are many reasons. The first is that I take charge as an accountable professional. I am a team player and am more than willing to conform to the norms set by my team. I am a great communicator, not only in teamwork, but also in problem resolution. I have experience in leadership and tend to take charge when giving an opportunity. I’m a very curious individual which typically means coworkers come to me over time because I not only find solutions, but I find the how and why behind that solution. Lastly, I am a very ambitious person when it comes to my career and will do what needs to get done in order to produce results.

Why Should You Work With Me?

My Background

I have a background in working with web technologies, but I haven’t considered myself a developer up until the past year. I have managed sites, done online marketing, and search engine optimization. While working in these positions, I used HTML and CSS to get the results I needed. In terms of soft skills, I have worked in customer service and sales for quite a while. From that, I’ve gleaned an ability to de escalate situations when they arrive and communicate complex solutions in an efficient manner. While in sales, I automated daily tasks in order to decrease the amount of time I spent on day to day operations.
I like to meet different people and spend time with my family. I travel alot and thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in other cultures. Lately, I have been focusing tremendously hard on adding knowledge that it has taken up a large chunk of my life. I like to workout and try to eat as healthy as I can. For me, working out is a great way to decompress and deal with the stresses that are built through everyday life. While commuting or when I am not busy, I watch a lot of videos about different development strategies and I also listen to podcasts like JavaScript Jabber Base.cs.

What Do I Do Outside of Development?